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Ascend assesses your needs through a series of short quizzes and provides a personalized study plan so you never waste time on skills you have already mastered. You are automatically guided through award-winning video instruction, practice problems, and hands-on math explorations. Learn more about Ascend...

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The award-winning GraspMath Interactive Video Tutor offers media rich curriculum, engaging students of all learning styles and is the proven way for students to achieve success in math learning!
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"Get this program, and don't worry about helping your child master math again!" Elizabeth Kanna, Editor-in-Chief,

"I think it is the most well-thought-out program I have seen !" Cindy Sotelo, homeschooling parent

"For any math student, this program is a plus." Shirley Minster, Family Times Magazine

The instruction presented in the GraspMath series is based on scientific research and experience. We have drawn on over 18 years of experience to provide parents and students a learning tool that is effective, easy to use and affordable. When considering GraspMath versus the price of a tutor, you will realize substantial savings; plus with award winning educators, students will receive the best instruction available.

The award winning GraspMath series are ideal for homeschooling, after-school tutoring and in-class supplements. These self-paced series offer students an opportunity to learn at their own pace and eliminate the frustration and embarrassment of having to ask questions. Students are able to go back and replay any lesson that they find difficult as many times as they choose.

The combination of video instruction, assessment tools, hundreds of practice problems and study guides with space for note-taking provides a proven effective resource for parents, teachers and students alike!
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