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Basic Math CD Series

8 CDs PC/Mac compatible

Buy Entire Series $149.95

(Single CD $25.00/each. See below to order individually)

This fully interactive self-paced program allows students to learn basic mathematics concepts at their own pace. The Basic Mathematics CD Series offers over 14 hours of video instruction from master teacher, Elayn Martin-Gay. It includes many supplemental features such as interactive pre-assessment problems to help students determine where to begin lesson study, prompts to work follow-up problems directly from the CD, printable workbooks that document and reinforce lessons, additional pencil and paper practice problems, lesson summaries that include hints, tips and written explanations and a login feature that returns students to their place in the lesson.

Features include:

CD 1 - Whole Numbers

CD 2 - Fractions

CD 3 - Decimals & Ratio And Proportion

CD 4 - Percent

CD 5 - Measurement

CD 6 - Geometry, Statistics & Probability

CD 7 - Signed Numbers & Exponents.

CD 8 - Introduction to Algebra