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Elementary Math Video Series

4 Videos

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The Elementary Math series of 4 videos containing 33 video segments was produced by Summit Interactive's team of award-winning math educators who have built the most comprehensive series of math tutorial videos anywhere in the world. Used by thousands of institutions, our videos have proven to be a valuable resource for students wanting additional help in math on all levels.

The Elementary Math Series was developed to teach younger students math concepts in a fun, non-threatening way. The series is fully animated with bright colors and illustrations so students can easily follow and understand the material presented. A workbook accompanies each tape in the series.

Video 1 - Addition, Subtraction, Time, Multiplication, Money.

Video 2 - Odd & Even, Place Value, Calendar.

Video 3 - Multiplication, Dividing, Factors.

Video 4 - Metric System, Decimals, Fractions, Quotients.