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“I loved the video and thought the teacher was very clear and easy to understand. The study guide was also a fabulous way to follow the teacher.”

Jo Ann Grantham
Retired math teacher and grandmother

“I searched for over a year, and settled on the Elayn Martin-Gay video Series from Summit Interactive. I think these are the best tapes on the market. I believe the reason why these are so popular is that they are direct and to the point, they show the students how to do problems just like ones from their homework. Elayn has a real camera presence as well, and has a very non-threatening style.”

Robert Curtis
San Joaquin Delta College
Stockton, CA

“The tapes are the basic source of instruction for students taking remediation through a math lab in the learning center. Also the tapes are used as supplemental to classroom instruction for students in a traditional math course through the math department. If high usage and positive feedback from students are valid indictors, then we certainly made the correct choice. The material is not only cost effective, but more importantly, of exceptional quality with regard to content and presentation.”

Dorris Parsons
Director L.A.C.
Grayson Country College