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Device Neutral HTML 5 Digital Lessons
Create lessons that are device neutral and will play on Windows 7, MAC OS, iOS, Android, ChromeBooks and Nooks. This type of digital lesson will be the cornerstone of any new learning module or product.

To view an example of a device neutral digital lesson, click here.

Interactive Streaming Video
With an interactive file, you can immediately jump to any section, or chapter marker. Captioning files, menu, next, or previous chapters are at the click of a button. The video can be stopped to ask the student a question anywhere in the timeline. These interactive files can be played from your video player or streamed. With the ease and control of the same interactive features, streaming allows you to share your video files with your customers without having to download them.

To view an example of an Interactive Video file, click here.

Files for iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android
Since tablets are the perfect companion for the today's student, provide your students the video files that will engage them. Whether they are at school, on a bus or at home, if they have their mobile device with them, they have you with them. However, the possibilities are not restricted to students, companies can use this media for training. Employees can watch your videos on a tablet, computer or TV. The possibilities are limitless.

To view an example of an iOS file, click here.