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Summit Interactive offers a variety of services to meet your media needs.
If you can conceptualize it, we can bring it to life.

  • Digital Media Production
  • Video Editing & Production
  • Interactive Videos
  • Encoding
  • iFiles such as for iPod and iPod Touch
  • Closed captioning, Transcription, and Spanish Translation
  • DVD Authoring
  • DVD Duplication
  • Online File Streaming
  • Flash Interactive & Demos
  • Digital Signage

iFiles for iPod & iPod Touch:
No VCR, no DVD player, just iFiles. iFiles is the perfect companion for the today's student. Whether they are on an airplane, at school, or at home, if they have their iPod Touch with them, they have you with them. However, iFiles are not restricted to students, company can use this media for training. Employees can watch your videos on the iPod touch, or with a simple video and audio cable they can be viewed on any television set. Many schools are taking advantage of the iPod and using them correspondence classes for both domestically and abroad. The iFiles can also be viewed on any computer with out the use of the iPod Touch. The possibilities are limitless.

To view an example of an iFile, click here.
To download an iFile for you iPod Touch, click here.

QuickTime Interactive & Streaming
With an interactive file, you can immediately jump to any section, or chapter marker. Captioning files, menu, next, or previous chapters are at the click of a button. Imagine a DVD player without any hardware, and you have an interactive file. If you prefer for your files to stream over the internet, streaming is another option. With the ease and control of the same features in interactive, streaming allows you to share your video files with your customers without having to download them. Another great feature with streaming is that your files are secure from downloading. Many clients prefer streaming due to copy right infringement.

To download an example of QuickTime Interactive, click here.
To view an example of QuickTime Streaming, click here.

Flash Interactive & Captioning
With over 99% of the computers on the planet enabled with Flash Player, this is a very powerful media. Flash allows for video content to be streamed with great quality, at a very small size. So your video is viewed faster than most others on the market.

To view an example of Flash Interactive with captioning, click here.

1. Digital Media Production
    Summit Interactive can create dynamic content that allows various forms of media playback, interactivity, captioning, and streaming capabilities for any type of playback. Summit Interactive can design, build, develop and customize your media for various different platforms and create rich interactivity, allowing your users to actively participate in the experience.

2. Video Editing & Production
    Along with everything else, post production editing is a necessity. Good or bad editing, can determine the end result of your business. Without a proper execution of your video, you can either excite or turn your audience off.

3. Interactive Videos
     Interactive videos are a great way to get your audience directly involved with you and your business. Your videos produced by Summit Interactive are formatted to peak your audiences curiosity. Information is available instantly instead of scanning through chapter markers.

4. Encoding
     Have ever noticed on the internet that some videos look better than others, that's due to encoding. Whether you realize it or not, consumers associate grainy, hazy, outdated video with an outdated product. Therefore you could have the newest product on the market, but without the crisp presentation, your product will seem “old school”. Encoding simply means transforming information from one format into another. Summit Interactive is up to date on all of the latest and greatest formats which allow for optimal viewing of your media. This allows you to have the best quality available while saving server space, and increasing download time.

5. iFiles such as for iPod and iPod Touch
    Gone are the days when “print only” advertising would move a product. When is the last time you were in a waiting area and someone was reading a magazine? Today’s generation passes the time with their ipod, their cell phone, or their laptop. The most versatile and most compact of these forms of entertainment is the ipod. Since it's release in October of 2001, there have been over 160 million iPods sold worldwide. Therefore, the ipod has evolved into a powerful media for the On Demand Generation. Many of our clients are requesting iFiles for distribution of their videos. Not only can these files be viewed on iPods, but they can also be viewed on computers and television sets.

6. Closed Captioning, Transcribing, and Spanish Translation
    As of January of 2007, FCC regulations require that all tv programs air with closed captioning. Summit Interactive also provides transcription from audio to print, and Spanish translation. Providing Spanish translation is very essential to reaching the increasing Spanish speaking population. This market of consumers is virtually untapped by programs only presented in English.

7. DVD Authoring
    Needing a professional DVD built for distribution? We have years of experience with building DVD's. DVD’s have multiple uses including training of workers, conveying product information to consumers and presenting ideas to financial sponsors. To ensure that your product and your ideas are presented the way you intended, it is very important to incorporate uniformity to the presentation.  A DVD allows you to control the content of you presentation as well as the tone of your presentation. By combining SI’s years of experience in DVD production and your vast product knowledge, the resulting DVD will be dynamic.

8. Duplication of DVD & CD products
    Distribution of DVD's and CD's is still an effective means of communication. SI has the ability to produce your video from start to finish. After the video is pleasing to you, we can duplicate it for your distribution needs.

9. Online File Streaming
    Broadcasting your video, on your website is our specialty. We will encode your video file to best suit you and your audience. The video file will be in the best possible format for broadcasting the video on your website. We use the most up-to-date programs available to give you clean crisp video that will be easily accessible to any viewer.

10. Flash Interactive Content
    Flash's plug in, is installed on over 99% of the computers on the planet. This allows for highly impressive video, online video games, interactive teaching, and many of the Web 2 applications that we use daily. Flash is commonly known for internet use, but it is also being used for interactive cd's. Take advantage of this technology to impress your consumers with dynamic product presentation.

11. Digital Signage
    Flat panel LCD monitors are popping up all over the place. Airports, gas stations, banks, and many more locations are taking advantage of this technology. We can help you with your advertising design on these modern, powerful billboards.