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GED Math Prep Series Details:


Ascend is an online program that builds your personalized study plan based on the results of a short quiz presented before you start each unit. Once you finish the quiz, you start working to master each concept by following The Ascend Math Solution Five Step Learning Method. A short test after each lesson checks for understanding of the topic and you automatically continue to the next lesson once you show mastery.

GED Math Prep:

An award winning team of math educators developed the GED Math Prep series, containing over 75 worked examples which will guide students through the process of learning how to work problems similar to those on the GED. In all, this comprehensive series contains over 10 hours of instruction plus over 300 pencil and paper practice problems. Sample problems include set up questions which encompass approximately 25 percent of the GED exam, problems demonstrating the use of a scientific calculator, graphic questions using pie charts, bar graphs and tables, and more! Problem solving, test taking skills and underlying processes are woven throughout the 5 sections of the series.