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The Ascend Math Solution Improves Math Comprehension and Performance.

That's the Equation for Better Results...Faster!

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Now featured in Ascend, these award winning math series from Summit Interactive offer the most comprehensive and effective math tutorials available and are available in DVD, VHS, or CD-Rom formats. Instruction presented is based on research and over 18 years of experience to deliver proven positive results in student comprehension and retention of important math concepts.

GraspMath series includes the following topics:

Elayn Martin-Gay

Ascend assess students' math knowledge based on NCTM and your state standards and prescribes individual learning paths ... so they don't waste time on material they've previously mastered.

Ascend's seamless integration with GraspMath content gives students access to proven instructional methods. They'll learn from an award-winning instructor attimes when a certified teacher is not available for one-to-one teaching.

Students can work independently in and outside class ... so teachers save time too. Whether students use Ascend as part of before- and after-school programs,in the computer lab, at home or during class, they'll always benefit from consistent, individualized instruction.

With Ascend's diagnostics and differentiated instructional paths, teachers don't need to spend time developing extra lesson plans and instruction for students requiring additional math help outside the classroom. Further, Ascend's automated reporting saves instructors time by eliminating the need to grade or scan papers, or compile time-consuming reports. This helps math instructors focus instruction more effectively for students and strengthens communication among teachers, parents, and administrators.